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At Spinach, we are leading business invoice finance consultants, working with a range of finance companies and alternative solution providers to find the invoice finance option that best suits the needs of your business.

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You’ll get straight-up, honest, and focused advice from our team of leading business finance experts. The consultant we assign to your account will also work hard to get an understanding of the requirements of your business and will then match those requirements with the right business invoice finance solution.

What Are Invoice Loans?

Do you have healthy sales in your business but limited access to cash as you wait for your invoices to be paid? This could be a short-term issue or something more normal in your business, often because of the industry you work in.

Whatever the reason, the situation is often similar: you have a strong business or a business with strong potential but are limited in your ability to progress because of access to cash. You have the sales, but those sales currently exist in your business as outstanding invoices.

Invoice loans, often called working capital loans, provide a solution.

Business Invoice Finance Explained

With financing invoice support, a finance company will give you a percentage of the amount of money currently outstanding on your invoices. They then recover this money in addition to their margin as your customers pay their invoices. You get immediate access to the cash you need to:

  • Help you get through unforeseen cashflow problems
  • Maximise the potential of your sales sooner
  • Grow faster than your current cashflow allows


The difference between invoice financing and regular cashflow

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Benefits of Business Invoice Financing


More flexible solution than other traditional forms of financing including overdrafts or loans

Growth Potential

The finance available to your business increases as your company grows

Reduced Risk

Depending on the invoice finance solution you choose, you can reduce the risk of unpaid invoices and late payments

Faster Funding

It’s usually possible to get a decision and access to funding faster with business invoice financing than it is with other business finance options

Business Invoice Finance Options

At Spinach, we’ll work hard to find the right business finance solution for your business.

The main options include:

  • Invoice factoring – the company providing you with the finance takes over your outstanding invoices as well as responsibility for collecting the monies owed. There are a number of benefits with this option, including the fact you won’t incur the cost of credit control as the responsibility for getting customers to pay moves to the financing company.
  • Invoice discounting – with invoice discounting from Spinach, you continue to manage your outstanding invoices and you remain responsible for credit control.

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