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If you’re looking for business finance you’re bound to have some questions. Here are the answers to common questions we’re asked. But don't hesitate to call to discuss your exact requirements on 0800 SPINACH (0800 774 622).

Who are Spinach Business Loans?

We are a Kiwi-owned, family-run business who believe in great quality service and genuinely want to help our clients’ businesses reach their goals. With ample experience in the business loans market we’re confident that we can prepare a financial package that will meet your needs and more. We think we’re New Zealand’s friendliest, most approachable business loan brokers, so send us a note, apply for a loan or call us on 0800 774 622 to find out more.

What do Spinach Business Loans do?

Spinach is a loan brokerage, specialising in business finance. We have a powerful network of some of the best business lenders out there, so we can quickly secure the funding your business needs. Spinach will work with both you and the lender to get the funds you need so you can get back to focus on the things that are important to you.

How can I get a Business Loan immediately?

While there is no silver bullet for obtaining instant finance, there are things you can do to speed the process up. In our experience, we have obtained same day and next day pay-outs. To help yourself achieve this we recommend:

  • Working with a broker who knows which lender will fit your situation so you are applying to the right lender the first time.
  • Responding to requests from your broker promptly.
  • Be open about any credit issues on your name. it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from obtaining a loan, but it means that we know which lender will be more likely to assist, saving time applying to lenders who won’t look at credit issues.
  • Be open about who else you have applied with. This saves numerous applications to the same lender via various channels (which slows the process down), and helps us identify the best solution for you early on.

What is the minimum deposit for a Business Loan?

While there is no Reserve Bank LVR restriction for buying a business the way there is for home lending, lenders do usually require a deposit when planning to buy a business. As a guide, lenders in the tier 2 space prefer 30-50% but there are a number of variables that come into those calculations, including how much equity you have in your personal assets and what your cashflow is like. It is worth calling us for a confidential discussion before applying so we can help you get ready to go to the lender with your best foot forward.

Can I get a Business Loan with no money down?

When buying a business, lender will take into account your overall financial position. What other income do you have? What is your credit profile like? Do you have strong personal assets? There isn’t exactly a strict answer to whether or not you can obtain 100% finance or not, but the bigger picture comes into the decision by the lender. Call us for a confidential discussion about your personal situation and we will let you know if we have a lending solution for your needs.

Do you need a business to get a Business Loan?

Business loans can be obtained by people who are sole traders, self-employed, starting a business, and most other business functions. The funds cannot be used for personal spending purposes. We do, however, have finance solutions that can be used for personal reasons so do call to discuss your situation and we will see if we can find a solution for your needs.

Can you get a Business Loan without a job?

One of the key things a lender will do when assessing a loan application, is calculating the affordability of the loan based on the income available to you. If you want to start a business without an income, you could consider a business partnership with someone who is in stable employment, or working part time while starting your enterprise. You need to ensure you can repay the loan in the event your winning idea isn’t successful.

How are Spinach Business Loans paid back?

There are a number of different business loan products in the market, all with differing repayment styles.

  • Revolving credit loans, where the cashflow of the business flows in and out of the facility and interest is paid only on the amount owing.
  • Then there are invoice financing options where a lender pays you most of the value of your debtor invoice on day one and the lender is repaid on the invoice due date by your debtor. The lender then releases the balance of the invoice to you, less their fee, once they have been paid.
  • Term loan products, where there is a set amount payable at a set frequency for a set period of time, providing predictability.
  • Finally, there are loan facilities where you draw down a loan and don’t repay the principal or interest until an agreed date where all sums are repaid in full.

Call for a confidential discussion with one of our consultants and we will help identify which loan products will suit your business the best.

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