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Unsecured Business Loans

At Spinach, we have extensive experience finding unsecured loans for companies in a range of industries and for a range of different needs. We also help find unsecured loans for a range of different purposes.

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Unsecured Business Loans for a Range of Different Uses

We can help you get an unsecured business loan for a range of different purposes. This includes:

  • Expanding your operations
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Purchasing stock or materials
  • Upgrading your facility or equipment
  • Hiring new people
  • Refinancing debt
  • Refurbishing facilities
  • Launching a new marketing campaign
  • Or for many other reasons

Sources of Unsecured Business Loans

We work with a range of different sources, both traditional and alternative, to find the right unsecured loan for your business. Our knowledge of the financing industry and our experience are what sets us apart from our competitors.

The sources we can help you get top unsecured business loans from include:

  • Banks and other traditional finance companies
  • Specialist business lenders
  • Peer-to-peer lenders
  • Other alternative sources of business finance
  • And more

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The right types of unsecured business loans for your business

We help explain the difference between secured and unsecured business loans so you can select the best loan for your business.

Benefits of Getting an Unsecured Business Loan

What are unsecured business loans?

Unsecured loans are only one finance option that might be available to your business. It is a finance option that offers a range of different benefits, however.

Advantages of unsecured business loans

See the benefits of unsecured business loans:

Borrow More

  • There are fewer restrictions on the amount that can be borrowed. One of the main alternatives to an unsecured business loan is a secured business loan. With a secured business loan, the financing company secures the amount they lend to you against an asset your own. Property is a common example. As a result, the amount of money you can borrow with a secured business loan is usually restricted by the value of your asset. With unsecured loans, this restriction does not exist.

Quick, Stress-Free Applications

  • The process of applying and securing an unsecured loan is quicker and easier than other forms of business finance. In addition, our consultant will help you through all stages of the loan application process, ensuring all forms are completed correctly and in a way that optimises the likelihood of acceptance.

Lowered Risk

  • There is less risk to you and/or business. With a secured business loan, your asset is at risk if you can’t meet your repayment obligations. You still need to repay an unsecured business loan, and there are many downsides if you don’t or if you fall behind with payments, but there is less of a risk that you will lose assets.

Start-Up Business Loans

At Spinach, we have experience helping both established and start-up businesses secure financing.

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We also have a broad understanding of franchise loans to purchase franchises.

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