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Unlocking Growth Opportunities: How Business Loans Can Fuel Your Company’s Success

May 3, 2023

You need passion and effort to make a business successful, but you also need money! It’s difficult to get your company off the ground if you’re low on cash. Thankfully, there are business loans and financial opportunities that you can utilise to give your company the help it deserves.

With the right loan, you can thrive in no time; you just need to be smart with your actions to use your loan right and to get a deal that’s best for you.

But how do you do that? This process can be extremely confusing for business owners who have never applied for a business loan before, and making the wrong move can seriously cost you money.

Don’t worry; we at Spinach are here to help! Keep reading to learn how you, too, can be successful.

How To Use Business Loans To Your Advantage

Say you do get your loan; what can you do with it? It would be best if you had a good plan for how you’ll use your loan before applying for one. Otherwise, you may end up squandering your money.

There are many things that you can use your loan for to fuel your company’s success. The specific things you do will depend on the type of company you run and your priorities, but in general, a few smart things you can do are:

Get New Equipment. No matter what type of job you do, you most likely use some form of equipment during your daily tasks. Bakers need cooking utensils and appliances to make delicious food; craftspeople need quality tools to create their goods, and so on. What type of equipment do you use in your business?

Chances are, there are better types of equipment that you can use for your company that’ll boost your efficiency and get you better results. You can purchase new equipment using business loans to get your work done faster and better, thus increasing your profits and brand reputation.

Stock Up On Inventory. You can purchase more inventory for your business to ensure that you have plenty of products to sell. With more inventory, you can offer more to your customers and make more money. You can then funnel those funds into growing your business even more or use them to repay your loan.

Hire New People. Some extra help can go a long way. But, new employees need to be trained and paid. You can use money from your loan to hire and train new people to improve your company’s productivity.

Important Steps To Take Before Applying For A Loan

There are lots of helpful things you can do with business loans to improve your company. But that’s only if you get approved for your loan.

It’s crucial to be smart about your choices before you actually apply for a loan to improve your chances of getting approved.

Before you apply for anything, read through these steps and think about what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Plan! Always plan ahead before you make any big decisions. The wrong choices, especially when your choices involve a lender’s money, can lead to trouble.

So, plan ahead. Think about what you’ll need your loan for, what specific things you’ll do with the money and how much money you’ll request. This is good for your future, but it’s also good for loan applications because lenders tend to prefer when the people they’re working with have a clear path for what they’re going to do.

Step 2: Choose An Experienced NZ Loan Broker. Stepping into the world of business loans is never easy if you’re new to it, and you definitely don’t want to do it alone. Look for experienced loan brokers who have helped plenty of people like you before. They’ll have the knowledge and experience to give you personalised help.

At Spinach, our team is always here to offer help that specifically applies to your situation. We won’t just give you generic advice that you can get from any other source; we’ll look at your circumstances and help you as best as we can.

Step 3: Meet Your Loan Broker And Discuss Your Options. It’s time to meet! Speak with your loan broker and discuss your needs, your wants and your current situation.

Step 4: With Their Help, Apply For Your Loan. Once everything is discussed and your loan broker knows what you want, they can then help you with the loan application process. They’ll help you find the right lenders, and they’ll certainly help you get a great deal.

What You Can Do Right Now To Get A Great Loan For Your Company

The best time to start improving your business is right now. Contact our team at Spinach for some of the best support and advice in New Zealand! We’re a friendly team that strives to help New Zealand’s business owners with their business loans.

We know your business is unique, and we’re excited to hear about it. Call us at 0800 774 622 or conveniently reach us through our website.

Lead your company with success with Spinach.